It all started with a personal journey

Isla-Maree was born from my personal journey to find my own style again!  I think we have all gone through periods of change in our lives: career, children, weight gain, or weight loss, where we have lost our style and sense of who we are.  So I decided to do something about it!  I started designing clothes I wanted to wear, that made me feel like me again! 

Isla-Maree the label is made of carefully designed pieces with the killer combo of great fits and amazing fabrics. I have created some winning shapes and repeat them every season in new fabrics as my signature range. We also introduce new designs every season to keep things fresh and exciting!

Under the Isla-Maree family we also have "Playlist" our rock inspired collection with an edgy twist, and "Lavish" which is all about comfort.

Isla-Maree is more than just a plus sized clothing brand - I would like to think we have built a whole community of curvy babes who put style and comfort above trends and rules! 

She is everything I hold, friends, love, laughter, comfort, music, art, the sea, warm sand, bare feet, and most of all, fun!

I hope you love my collection as much as I do and that it makes you feel all the amazing things it means to me!

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