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I sat down to write a fluffy 'About Us' piece for the site today, but after staring at the blank page and not being able to think of even one single interesting line to type, I chucked it in and decided a Blog entry might be more my style.

Sooooooo.......I could bore you senseless with my fashion industry credentials and inspirations, but thought a more personal story would be more captivating.

I get called Isla a lot, and most of the time just roll with it. My name is actually Stephanie, nice to meet you.

Why 'Isla-Maree' then?

Five years ago I was managing a high fashion store in Newmarket. After reaching a sales target I was rewarded with a trip for my family to Rarotonga. Yay me!
We almost didn't make it on to our flight. No yay! My 7 year old son had a horrible case of chicken pox and even though he was past the contagious stage, he looked a fright!
Luckily it was the middle of winter; we bundled him up from head to toe covering most of the spots, and smuggled him through the airport.
My family at that stage was myself, my husband Nelio, and my son, little Nelio. I was in love with my small be perfectly formed family and life was great.

Three weeks on our island paradise passed quickly and we arrived home to the cold and rainy month of July.
At 40 years old and after years of trying to have a second child we discovered I was pregnant and we were expecting a new family member.
I was convinced this new baby was going to be the girl I always wanted, and because she was conceived on the Island she should be named Isla.
My middle name is Maree, so we decided on Isla-Maree and fell in love with the cute wee island princess growing inside my belly.

Now...............long story short, my baby wasn't a girl, she was a beautiful boy we named Matteo. He is my sunshine and I love him to pieces.

I grieved for my wonderful baby girl name, and when I decided on this new venture just knew I had to use it.

Isla-Maree to me is everything I hold, friends, love, laughter, comfort, music, art, the sea, warm sand, bare feet, and most of all, fun.

I hope you love my collection as much as I do, and that it makes you feel all of the amazing things it means to me,

Stephanie xo

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