• Isla-Maree in the Media: FashioNZ.co.nz

    Isla-Maree in the Media: FashioNZ.co.nz

    FashionNZ.co.nz is a well-respected and influential online magazine as well as a portal for the local industry, which has connected fashion brands with an engaged fashion audience for over twenty years. “I find inspiration everywhere. Most of my drive and inspiration comes from the community of amazing women I have met through Isla-Maree. My customers who give me wonderful feedback and share their stories...
  • Mix & Match!

    Mix & Match!

    Bring the WOW factor to your basics. To add visual interest and to break up the solid blocks of colour when wearing basic pieces, add a print for some added fun. Add stripes to make your look more corporate, or add animal print to give you confidence on a hot date! SHOP NOW
  • Puffy Sleeves are IN

    Puffy Sleeves are IN

    The 80's called.... but we promise it's stylish! Summer 2020 is all about puffy sleeves.. an ode to the 80's, but in a much less obnoxious, and much more flattering way. Some added volume for some bonus flirty, on-fashion fun! Get on top of the trend and shop our new styles before they sell out! SHOP NOW
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