My Second Favorite 'C' Word

My second favorite C word.

Not all that wander are lost.
But I did wander for a long time, lost.......I had lost my style.

The closest I ever was to having a definitive style was when I was a teenager.
There was a tiny wee store, down a dark arcade, on the main street of Henderson.
To me it was like walking in to another world away from the bright colors and pomp of the latest 1986 fashion trends.
The store smelled of burning insence and Kama perfume and looked like the interior of a gypsy caravan.
She sold muslin shirts, long flowing velvet skirts and dresses, hand painted leather bags, and anklets with bells on them.
If my Mother brought me anything other than my desired Bohemian look I would immediately cuts holes in the knees of jeans, and take to dresses with bleach or dyes creating my own brand of tie dye.
So at 14 I had found my style, relished in experimenting, and felt like a true representation of my life right then. Carefree and full of daydreams.

Skip 30 years of different jobs, uniforms, and adopting the styles of those around me.
As I moved through the stages of my life I took on the personas of the stores I worked in, and the people I was hanging out with at the time.

The defining moment for me was when I was working in a store selling high end evening wear. It was a world of glamour and expectations far removed from my reality.
I was a Mother, Wife and Friend who valued so much more than having the perfect hair, figure, and niceties of selling clothes I never had the occasion to wear.
I loved the job but started feeling the pressure of feeling like I didn't belong there, and was being pushed out for a newer model.
I felt like (as my employer joked) 'Old Wood'.

I started trawling the internet at night finding clothes that spoke to me.....the 'real' me.
And so Isla-Maree was born and I had found my style again.
And my style isn't about following all of the latest trends, or trying to steal other peoples style.
My style is all about my second favorite C word............COMFORT.

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