You do you! With your plus sized hearts

You do you!
With your plus sized hearts

I sat down with someone to talk about my website a few days back. Now, I am just about the most non techy person I know, mention the words analytics or SEO and shivers go down my spine. I still type with two fingers for shits sake! How I own and manage an online business boggles my mind on the daily.

"Steph you need to add some key words into your website so people can find you!"
"Don't they just google Isla-Maree?"
"But what if they don't know about you"

WAIT..... WHAT??????

Then came the senarios......
"Say you were going to the islands for a holiday and you wanted a gorgeous floaty kaftan for your curvy banging bod? What would you google??"
"What if you were going to a wedding and needed an occasion dress?
.... tick tick tick .....
I hated to admit it but I whispered, I would google "plus sized fashion".
There. I said it.... Bleuk!!!!!

Why is that so dammed hard to say? In an era of body positivity the term 'plus size' is no longer relevant and frankly I don't want it on my website. BUT...... if I don't, how will all of the gorgeous women with a bit more cushion for the pushin find me? Eekkkkk, I'm dammed if I do and dammed if I don't!! Do I rely on word of mouth or social media to spread the word? Or do I suck it up and just say it?

So here I am, writing this blog in the hopes by saying all of the "key words" in this one short story I can lead all of the beautiful curvy ladies to my site where they can find all of the plus sized fashion, plus sized resort wear and plus sized occasion dresses that their plus sized hearts could desire.

And I also hope that in a few years time, my byline, "clothing for curves" is the term we will google when looking for that gorgeous kaftan or dress for the wedding.

Steph x

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